Saturday, February 4, 2012

WOW!! It's been a WHILE!

Well, it's now February 4, 2012. I really don't even know where to begin. Let me just say that a LOT has happened since my last entry. I'll bullet-point some of the biggies.

* Moved from Richardson ISD to Allen ISD. Still teaching 3rd grade at Anderson Elementary School. I've been there 6 years now. After 19 years, it has not gotten easier.

*All four of my kids followed me to Allen. Lauren graduated in 2011 from AHS, and is now attending Collin College. She wants to transfer to Texas A&M and major in Engineering. Not sure which kind yet, possibly Biomedical Engineering. Chris is a Junior at AHS, and has been in the Allen Eagle Escadrille. It is the largest marching band in the world! They have nearly 700 kids marching on a Friday night at the football games! It really is amazing! He plays the bass trombone, but his true love is the piano. Kaitlin is in eighth grade at Curtis Middle School. She also plays the clarinet in band. She enjoys being in the PALS program, too, where she gets to mentor a little second grade boy. She is doing very well in school, too! Kylie is now a second grader at my school. I can't believe how big she is! All of them have grown so fast, but since she is the "baby," it's harder to take. She did ASI Cheerleading for the D2 Wildcats this past season, and now is doing gymnastics. She is also a Brownie GS, but I'm not so sure about next year. I'm disappointed in the politics that the GS' have taken. It goes against my moral beliefs, but I digress.

*Glen and I went through a very rocky time in 2010, which almost ended in divorce. We have worked really hard on ourselves, and our marriage, and thankfully have made it to almost 24 years of marriage. Life is definitely not easy, and we lost sight of our dreams. We feel blessed that we fought for our family, and have become stronger for it. He truly is my best friend!

*I wanted more travel in my life, but ended up having more FUN, FREEDOM, and FRIENDS by just listening to a friend share her travel club with me! It came around the same time that Glen and I were fighting for our marriage, and I have to say, it has been a HUGE blessing to us! I thank God daily for this gift! We enjoyed taking a $69 cruise, our first, to the Bahamas in Sept. 2011! It was so much fun, and we had a blast scuba diving and snorkeling in Nassau and Cocoa Cay! Thank you WV! This concept is bringing me closer to moving out of the classroom, and home to help make more memories with my family, friends, and help others to find their dreams!

*My GS troop of 13 years graduated this past May 2011. I can't believe that these young women have gone off to college, and are no longer the little Daisies and Brownies that I remember so well! Thank you to Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Vicki for your help with your leadership. It was truly a wonderful experience, for the most part. I choose to remember the good. :)

*We finally moved to Allen! I had been saying for the past several years, we needed to move, as we were really cramped with three girls in one bedroom! We absolutely love our new home in Allen. We moved in June 8, 2011! We are enjoying the extra room, the pool and hot tub, and being 3mins. from my school!

There is absolutely no way that I could put everything in one blog post from the past years, but these are the highlights. I'll try to fill in the missing pieces, and do better about sharing my life. I really do need to write again. It's therapeutic. I need that from time to time.

Here's to a new beginning...