Monday, January 7, 2008

You mean "I LOST??!!"

Well, Karen M. may be the only person reading my blog, but at least SOMEONE'S going to hold me accountable. You BETTER Girl!

I "faced the music" today at my WW meeting! Wow, it wasn't a resounding chorus of "Hallelujah" from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but it was a piffle of "Fa la la la la, what DO you mean I LOST??!! from a fluffy, Southern Mormon girl. (Moi!)

It was a HUGE .4 lbs, but hey, I'm not complaining. It was at least heading south instead of north! That brings me to a total- drum roll please- - - - - - -8 lbs. since October!!!!

Not too shabby when you consider the Hershey's kisses and Peanut M&M's I've put away from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the flock of fried turkey I ate at Christmas dinner! (My hubby can fry up some mean gobblers!)
8 pounds- - - that's the weight of a gallon of milk, lopped off my buttocks. That's like the size of all 4 of my kids at birth! Wow! Not too bad.

Here's to you all seeing less of me in 2008! (Man, that homemade pizza was delicious that I just inhaled!) Oh crap, let me go clear off the laundry on the treadmill and walk a couple of ounces off my love handles, after this movie and my magazine break.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year, Same Resolutions. . .

Well, I have officially survived the holidays, and have my house somewhat in order. Shocking! I know. It's a new year, so as I do every year, I have the same resolution of having a family portrait made, cleaning up the house- well, working on the scrapbooks, and losing weight. Well, same resolutions for 2008. This time, I've got a PLAN, though. I'm actually creating this public forum to hold myself accountable. Hopefully. Or, show that I'm a big, FAT liar!

We'll start with the family portrait. O.K. that one should be fairly easy. Let's see what I need to do to accomplish that one. I have a coupon for a FREE 8X10 from Kiddie Kandids for Kylie's 4th b-day. That's a great excuse (reason) to go get pictures! So, for the first resolution for 2008, we will go before January 2008 is over and get a family portrait done. Be sure to stay tuned for results! (Or, call me a Big, FAT liar, liar pants on fire in February!)

Next, I'm very proud of the START on the house cleaning! I took down the tree, Christmas decorations, and cleaned the dining room and living room before New Years. I knew that we would be heading back to school right after the new year, so I didn't want to face that after work was in session. Then, it was tackle my closet and bedroom! That poor room had been the "catch all" since before Thanksgiving, as we were throwing things in closets as gifts were being purchased, and we headed to Mississippi in Nov. for Thanksgiving, so there were still suitcases on the floor! Then, Santa had to have major help wrapping gifts, so there were bags, tags, bows, and tape all over the place! This weekend was actually unseasonably warm and sunny for January. It got up in the high 60's and low 70's on Saturday and today. So, we spent ALL day Saturday cleaning out the garage, hauling things to Good Will, and throwing out junk, so that I could finally park my van in the garage again! Kylie keeps saying, "It's our so-clean garage, Mommy!" The kids utilized their Nanny while she was here to clean their rooms, too!

With that all said, I'm in a better piece of mind about the house. Of course, after 10 years, 4 kids, and only 3 bedrooms, there is still the problem of TOO MUCH CRAP to move around the house! But, that is the second phase of this resolution. I am going to take a room/closet/bathroom/cabinet over the next month, and clear out things that we truly do NOT need! It's bad enough that I'm a packrat, but then it's worse that I'm married to one, too! I'll give him kudos for this past week, though. He parted with MAJOR "stuff" (for a nicer word) in our bedroom. YES! And, he cleaned up our treadmill, and moved it into the bedroom for me to fondly look at and use as an extra laundry hanging apparatus, I mean exercise tool to help with another resolution- weight loss!

O.K. so I've mentioned the weight loss. I'll admit it. I've been signed up for Weight Watcher's and actually have been going to meetings since before Halloween. However, I've yo-yo'd from my starting weight and up down, up down only about 6 pounds! It's so frustrating! However, after reading my wonderful PEOPLE magazine this past Friday, (you know the one- where NORMAL people, just like me, lose 100's of pounds- so get off your lazy butt, but keep reading our magazine while you do it- issue, I have a PLAN of attack for this too! I'm actually going to FOLLOW the plan and WRITE down my progress. No more "guesstimating" how many points something is. Throw out all of this Christmas almond bark candy I made, and NO ONE ELSE is friggin' eating, BUT me! So, tomorrow is weigh-in, and I'm just going to face the music and start anew. Everyday is a new beginning, ya, da, ya, da, da. :O)

As for the pictures- at least I'm TAKING them, and we've got over 12,000 on our computer already! I'll just burn some disks and put into a safety deposit box for the kids to figure out what to do with them in the future- far-far- away in a galaxy called "WHENEVER I GET TO IT!!! There. . . let's see how long these resolutions last!