Monday, August 12, 2013

No... I'm not a blogger... yet.

Obviously I am not doing very well with this blog thing. I had great intentions, but fell short. I'm not gonna lie. I pretty much stink at this. However, I am good at many things. This just hasn't been one of them.

A lot has changed in the past year. I don't even know where to begin. So, let's just start with this summer. It has flown by! What fun it's been, though!

June 7th: Our son, Chris graduated from Allen High School. I wondered if we would ever make it. Ha Ha! I'm sure there are several gray hairs in my head over the past years of educating him, but no one will ever know because but my hairdresser! His grandmother, Nanny, came from Mississippi to his graduation along with his Uncle Alan, Aunt Karen and cousin Kyle. They stayed with us for a couple of days. It was short, but we enjoyed having them as long as we could. My brother Fred and his family, Donna, Jessica and Jonathan also came over to celebrate with us. This was the first class to graduate from the new Eagle Stadium. It was warm, but really a nice ceremony that lasted close to 3 hours.

June 13-18: The BEST VACATION of our lives!!! Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico- The Marival Residences and Resort. This was our first DreamTrip through WorldVentures as a family. Lots of FIRSTS happened this week-

Firsts:  Family vacation out of the States, vacation to Puerto Vallarta, stay at an All-Inclusive resort, Kylie's and Chris' first airplane ride, swimming with Dolphins, swimming with Sea Lions, Catamaran cruise to a private island, snorkeling/kayaking with kids, ziplining with our kids. I will have to do a blog on JUST this vacation alone, as it was unbelievable!

July 11-14: We went as a family to Denver, Colorado to attend Millionaire Bootcamp with our company, WorldVentures. We will definitely go back to do the outdoor things, as we didn't have time on this quick trip, but loved what we were able to see.

August: Kylie and I went on our Mom and Me Annual trip to Six Flags over Texas. This year, we didn't even GO in the Kiddie area! Kylie was super brave and wanted to ride almost ALL of the roller coasters at nine years old! Yes! I said roller coasters! We rode the Titan (tallest roller coaster in Texas) 3 times, Batman 3 times, and the newest thrill seeking ride, "The Texas Sky Screamer." She had an absolute BLAST! Only downfall of the day was that we had a flat tire when we went to the parking lot. Didn't dampen our moods though! I love that I have a roller coaster loving kiddo!

I also had an outpatient surgery done this past week. I had the thermal endometrial ablation. It went well, and I'm hoping that Mother Nature decides so too! I never thought I'd be so happy to say good bye to that part of being a "mother."

Well, school is just around the corner. I have three inservice days this next week, and then a full week of inservice before school starts on August 26th. The summer always seems to fly by. I am excited about moving to a new grade level this next year. It should keep things fresh and new for me. I will be teaching fourth grade math. I am excited that I will get to teach one of my own kids this year, too. Kylie is super excited, too! I am ready for structure, routine and FOOTBALL season again!

I'll post more later and in depth about our trip! Maybe I can actually figure out how to upload pics! LOL!