Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy, Busy, busy. . .

Well, this was another busy weekend. Not restful at all!

Saturday morning we were up by 6:00 a.m. to get Chris off to his school for a bus ride to All-Region Band Tryouts. I continued to clean house, as I was having a Salt City Candle Open House here at 10:00 a.m. I baked brownies, and straightened up the last few things before visitors arrived. Glen ran to the grocery store for last minute items to snack on. Not a lot of people were able to come, as it is a busy time of year- as usual, but what time of the year is NOT busy anymore. We are always so over-scheduled and running the "rat race" of life. One thing I did notice this year though, is that people do NOT RSVP like they used to when I was younger. When someone invited you to their parties back in the "good ole days" you would get an "accept" or "decline" if they were coming or not. Today, with all of our high-tech technology, we are lucky to get a "maybe!" It's very irritating, when you are trying to plan an event. It almost makes me not want to, but I DO love these candles, so I will definitely continue to do it each year.

After the Open House, it was off to get Chris from his tryout. He didn't make it, but we were glad he tried. As a 7th grader, not many of them even try. It is geared to older students, and he is good, so I'm sure that he will do better next year! We are still so proud of him making All-City Band! We came home and I started baking cupcakes for the Boy Scout Spaghetti Supper tonight. I also boiled a large package of spaghetti noodles to take for the supper.

Kaitlin had a friend come over for a playdate, that turned into a spend-the-night date, too. :O) Her friend, Nicole, helped to decorate the cupcakes, and came with us to the spaghetti dinner.

Glen took Chris up to the church to set up tables and chairs around 4:00. We followed about 4:50. Donna, and the kids came to eat dinner too. Fred was off fishing for the weekend. The Boy Scouts helped to serve water, and take plates when we were finished. They did a great job checking on everyone. They also shared some talents with us- piano, trumpet/trombone, french horn, and oboe solos. One sang a solo, and there was a silly skit. Chris was in the silly skit, if you hadn't already guessed. He is our comedian!

Glen and Lauren left early, as she had an Orchestra Get-Together at Laser World and Whirlyball. Glen was chaperoning. They were there until about 9:00 p.m. Lauren had a lot of fun, and met a couple of new kids, since she is new to her school. She is loving it, though. She really doesn't miss her old school, at all! She has made many new friends that have a lot in common with her, so she is feeling comfortable.

We watched a great movie Saturday night, called The Ultimate Gift.

We went to Sacrament meeting today, but came home afterwards, as Glen's got tennis elbow really bad, and Kaitlin wasn't feeling well. Lauren stayed, and Glen went back and got her.

I gave the kids their piano lessons this afternoon, and we picked up again. We have two G.S. meetings here at our house Monday night and one on Tuesday night! Busy, Busy, busy. . . I'm ready for Thanksgiving!

Glen and Chris will go camping with the Boy scouts on Friday night, and then we will head to Mississippi to visit Nanny and the Vines' family! We are excited, but that also means that I've got Christmas shopping to get done THIS week! UGGGGHHH!!!

Is is 2008 yet?????!!! Oh, thanks to Marcell, we are going to see Bon Jovi on April 14th!!! I'm siked! I might can survive my 40th birthday now! :O)


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